A group from Righteousness palace ministries were happy to receive certificates after successful completion and participation in the I.T skills training through the Mobile Digital Hub program.


Enable people i.e. kids, young adults, women and community leaders to access technology education and become tech skilled for positive social change.


We make technology education affordable and easily accessible by bringing a Mobile Digital Hub closer to the people in their communities which also helps increase participation.

Through the Mobile Digital Hub participants learn and develop numerous practical tech skills from the very basic to advanced ones such as operating gadgets e.g. laptops and smart devices, using the internet to socialise, trade(buy and sell) and research about education, health and jobs etc, coding and application of technology to other skills such as carpentry, farming, education, marketing etc.

In the hub advanced tech users, have an opportunity to expand their coding and hardware development skills which enables making of real life problem solving tools such as mobile apps, websites, software and gadgets such all in one computers made by putting together old display units, keyboards and single board computers particularly the Raspberry PI.

At You Inspire You, personal health and a clean health environment is paramount for personal and community well being. MDH enables discussions with the participants about health friendly methods of using technology everyday without harming personal or community health. During the discussions we share tech health tips, and promote usage of renewable energy.

Getting involved?

First of all everyone at You Inspire You is a volunteer, who is not paid a salary to offer his/her service. We invite and welcome everyone who has something to offer to our causes to join us and we work together to increase tech education accessibility and skills.

We also invite and welcome partnerships with organisations and companies focused to making tech education and skills more accessible never before.