Whether you want to upscale or learn and develop a new skill or prepare for an exam. Our well researched and practical hands on sessions are tailored not only, to help you build a skill but as well discover opportunities and easily settle in at a workplace.

We are a team of self driven competent trainers capable of delivering the training sessions both at your doorstep and offsite. Our classes are tailored for both individuals/teams and organisations.

Skill up with us in the following programs.

  1. ICDL – International Computer Driving License
  2. Basics of programming and software development in general
  3. World class programming with Python or PHP or JavaScript or Java
  4. Introduction to website design and development
  5. Graphics design using Photoshop and illustrator
  6. Publishing with InDesign
  7. Database management and administration(SQL)
  8. Front-end development/User Interface design
  9. Back-end development (MySQL/Apache/PHP)
  10. Back-end development (NodeJs, VueJs, HTML, CSS )
  11. Web development with a Content Management System of choice (Learn either Drupal or Joomla or WordPress and if time allows learn them all)
  12. Digital Marketing(Social media and Search Engine Optimization)
  13. Website Content Management ( Content creation and CMS)

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